Ageing with ease: 25% off Arborvitae’s ‘Miracle’ supplements

When we think about ageing and all that it brings, some common ailments come to mind. Inflammations, mild arthritis, and general soreness can be quite inconvenient, reminiscent of the physical changes that come as we add more candles on our birthday cakes.

Arborvitae’s natural supplements can make ageing with ease a little easier by reducing pain, inflammation and other discomfort.

Arborvitae’s online sale – running until 1 October 2023 – offers customers a 25 per cent discount on its entire supplement range.

Arborvitae has been hailed by some as ‘miracle’ supplements. Arborvitae general manager Brendan Howell says it’s not about believing in miracles, but in concrete scientific reasoning.

A recent clinical study on Arborvitae Joint Health has shown:

  • 66 per cent decrease in pain test scores
  • 50 per cent increase in walking distance without pain (100m increase)
  • 56 per cent decrease in inflammation in blood tests (CRP)
  • 78 per cent reduction in their use of on-demand medications
  • 50 per cent improvement in quality of life scores.

“The customer feedback we receive also demonstrates the product’s efficacy and enables us to provide real examples of its success across a broad range of conditions when speaking with our customers,” Mr Howell says.

Arborvitae’s flagship ‘Joint Health’ product has proven for many to relieve mild arthritis pain, inflammation, soreness, and stiffness.

Paired with Arborvitae Health and Wellbeing supplements which focus on balancing blood glucose, cholesterol and strengthening the immune system, and you have a convenient health plan that promote ageing with ease.

Glenn Rampton from Quirindi (pictured above), swears by Arborvitae products. Fed up with debilitating pain, he decided to give the Arborvitae Joint Health a trial and to his surprise, experienced a dramatic decline in his pain levels.

“From being a virtual cripple with mild osteoarthritis that has got more severe, I now can move about with a relatively low level of pain,” says Mr Rampton.

“Prior to using Arborvitae the pain level in both knees, both hips, lower back and upper chest was in the high eights or a nine out of 10.

“Now by taking approximately 30ml of Arborvitae Joint Health each morning, my pain level is usually no higher than two out of 10.”

So, would you like to regain control over the ageing journey? Are you looking for relief from the debilitating effects of pain and inflammation?

Purchase any type of Arborvitae bottle you wish and the following discount is offered:

  • 2 bottles including postage and delivery Australia wide $99.00 (normally $125.50)
  • 4 bottles including postage and delivery Australia wide $198.00
  • 6 bottles including postage and delivery Australia wide $297.00
  • 8 bottles including postage and delivery Australia wide $396.00
  • 10 bottles including postage and delivery Australia wide $495.00
  • 12 bottles including postage and delivery Australia wide $594.00

This offer is at a substantial discount to existing online prices [up to 25% discount].

Getting older doesn’t have to hurt. From now until 1 October 2023, take advantage of the Arborvitae supplements online flash sale, with up to 25% off its entire range!

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